Donut Doubles: Go inside Deep Group’s jelly-filled viral campaign VIDEO

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Perhaps it’s no surprise the idea came while sitting in a doughnut shop.

It was February. Three Springfield advertising professionals were searching for inspiration for a new campaign. As they talked, they were also observing other customers and the doughnuts they purchased.

“We started exploring an idea based on the reasoning behind which doughnut you pick,” says Dan Stewart, creative director of Springfield advertising firm Deep. “And then, it hit us, ‘What if the person looked similar to the doughnut they chose?’ ”

In that moment, a viral campaign was born.

Donut Double from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.

When the Donut Doubles video and website hit the web in May, the internet community loved the idea. A guy with a dark, scruffy beard mirrored a chocolate-covered long john. A freckled redhead matched her iced donut with red sprinkles. A wrinkled woman with a cigarette on her lip had a crusty apple fritter as her twin.

The campaign was posted on dozens of blogs and will soon be featured in an Italian magazine that focuses on fashion, culture, and new trends. Views have topped 100,000. For the team of Missourians who collaborated on the ads, the reaction was thrilling, if a little unexpected.

“There’s really no way of planning for something to go viral,” Stewart says. “But the power of a great idea usually helps.”

Deep, a Springfield-based advertising agency with 30 employees, created the Donut Doubles campaign. The agency is an affiliate of the Marlin Network, a company with holdings in various firms that provide advertising, consulting, and strategic services to the food industry.

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Article courtesy of Jacob Luecke, Missouri Business Magazine

Video courtesy of deepgroup

Source: Missouri Chamber of Commerce

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