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Delta Queen jobs sailing into Kimmswick

KIMMSWICK, Mo. — The Delta Queen Steamboat Co. is establishing its home port and corporate operations center in Kimmswick. The steamboat, which is expected to return to service in 2016, will create more than 170 jobs locally and an economic impact of more than $36.4 million.

“The substantial economic impact this will bring to Jefferson County and the region will affect every facet of the community in a positive way creating the kind of growth and opportunity that we haven’t seen in a long time,” said David Dews, chairman of the Economic Development Corporation of Jefferson County.

The Delta Queen began service as an overnight passenger vessel in 1927, carrying passengers, cargo and automobiles between Sacramento, California, and San Francisco. After a brief period of service in the U.S. Navy during World War II, the vessel was sold as war surplus to Captain Tom Greene, owner of the Greene Line Steamers of Cincinnati, Ohio. From 1946 to 2008, the Delta Queen operated as an overnight cruise vessel along many of the prominent rivers and waterways running through America’s heartland and deep South, including the Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Cumberland and Arkansas rivers. The vessel operated as a dockside hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee, from 2009 until 2014.

The Delta Queen, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is classified as a National Historic Landmark, was purchased by the current owners in February 2015 with the goal to restore the vessel and return it to overnight cruise service. The steamboat has also recently been designated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as a National Treasure.

Image courtesy of Delta Queen Steamboat Co. 

Source: BusinessWire

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