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MFA Oil Business Support Center opening in Moberly

MOBERLY, Mo. — MFA Oil’s Business Support Center is opening in the Moberly Area Industrial Park in Moberly. The facility, which will create more than 70 jobs, will be officially dedicated on Dec. 4 along with the new road that services current and future businesses in the complex.

MFA Oil’s Business Support Center is the main distribution facility for Break Time Convenience stores throughout several states.  The center contains product research and development for MFA Oils brand of fuels and lubricants as well as administrative offices and large training facilities for employees company wide. The facility also is the main repair facility for the truck fleet for MFA Oil and MFA Propane throughout the company.

The Moberly Area Industrial Park is 200 acres of rail served greenfield industrially zoned land lying less than a mile from U.S Highway 63, the main north-south 4-lane highway in central Missouri. The industrial park contains several large tracts of land for development and is supplied with large amounts of utility capacity.

The recently completed roadway leading from U.S. Business Highway 63 into the Moberly Area Industrial Park will be named McKeown Parkway. McKeown Parkway is being named after the late Dennis McKeown, long-time Moberly businessman and civic leader that played a pivotal role in the development of industrial park.

“Dennis was a long standing champion of growing local business and recruiting new business investment to our community,” said Bob Riley, mayor of the City of Moberly.  “When we needed to do something for our local business community Dennis and the entire McKeown family supported it. This is our way of saying thank you.”

Image courtesy of MFA Oil

Source: Moberly Area EDC

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