Macon’s Chariton Valley Communications brings cutting-edge telecommunications home

MACON, Mo. — Sometimes a community’s ability to survive and grow is based on its capacity to move into the future.

Other communities are luckier. The future itself keeps coming back to Macon.

Settled in the 1820s by pioneers traveling the Great Trail, a Native American trade route, Macon County experienced rapid growth when two railroad lines — the Northwest Railroad and the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad, which later became Burlington Northern — intersected here in 1858.

Macon is known as the City of Maples with more than 275,00 maple trees.

The abundance of coal in the area made Macon County attractive to businesses looking to provide fuel for the technology of the times. At one time there were more than 350 commercial coal mines operating in the county. But as technology shifted its focus, the future still couldn’t keep itself from Macon’s front door.

We had the first ethanol plant in the state of Missouri, said Frank Withrow, director of Macon County Economic Development. Plus, Macon was the first city in the state to have fiber optics in every house and business.

That degree of cutting-edge telecommunications can be directly attributed to Chariton Valley Communications, says Darla Dwiggins, director of the Macon Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Source:  Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Missouri Business Magazine, March 2016, p. 8

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