Missouri Chamber, Boeing, AT&T get kids excited about STEM careers — VIDEO

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Who wouldn’t be excited about a career that involved flying an F-18 fighter plane? Giving students a chance to fly an F-18 simulator was one of the experiences the Missouri Chamber lined up for participants in the 2016 STEM Day at the Capitol in Jefferson City on Mar. 3. Some of Missouri’s largest employers, including Boeing and AT&T, were on hand to help build excitement about STEM careers for the hundreds of students and educators that participated in the annual event.

“We love it from Boeing’s perspective,” said John Keevan, Boeing’s manager of naval programs flight simulation. “We’re constantly in search for new talent – new engineers, new technicians – that we can bring into the aircraft programs in St. Louis and all around the world. Seeing the excitement and passion in these kids, well, we get more out of it sometimes than the kids do.”

Madeline Romious, vice president of AT&T Missouri, helped students and even a few legislators try out a virtual visor system that surrounds a wearer with a virtual, interactive world. The display was designed to make students think about their future.

“STEM is critical; it is our future,” Romious said. “And STEM is critical to our business. We are so much more than your wireless provider. There is a lot of science, technology, engineering and math that goes into our business – when you pick up your phone and expect a signal, cloud computing and now, virtual reality.”

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